The online part of CoinBr has become a liability and it has been forced read-only for several months. During this time, no monthly fees were asked. Now it is offline completely. All assets are intact and broker will manage them offline. I have sent individual instructions using registration email to all accounts that had any balances, contact me by email or irc if you haven't received anything.

From now on, all orders should be submitted by email or irc, and encrypted to jurov's GPG key. To migrate your account, your GPG key must be associated with old CoinBr account as per instructions in the email.

The CoinBr fees from now on are as follows:

  • Monthly fee: none
  • Buying/Selling/Option exercise fee : 0.5% from traded amount in BTC, no referral bonus
  • BTC withdrawals and asset transfers : 0.02 BTC per.