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Tuesday 12 August 2014

Understanding the DERPs

The D-series - DERPs for short - of derivatives together with F.DERP offer MPEx and CoinBr traders the opportunity to invest or divest in the current crop of venture-capital backed bitcoin companies. The derivatives and the backing fund allow to take positions that pay out in the event that the listed startups actually make an Initial Public Offering, and also positions that pay out should the companies fold.

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Friday 31 January 2014

MPEx: The Missing Manual 8 - Futures

MPEx trades also cryptocurrency-related or even unrelated futures.

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MPEx: The Missing Manual 7 - Bonds and S.MPOE stock

MPOE investors are divided into two classes - bondholders and stockholders, which are very distinct in risk they carry and potential profit. Among other advantages, it foregoes the need to carry losses from trading to next month, as seen on other venues.

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MPEx: The Missing Manual 6 - Options

The following interactions can be constructed with the Exchange itself:

  • Trade options on the open market
  • Write and sell your own options
  • Earn interest on bonds bought to finance the MPOE bot operation
  • Own S.MPOE - become a shareholder

This part will concern itself with first two points.

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Tuesday 7 January 2014

MPEx: The Missing Manual 5 - Account statements and transfers

Both JSON and human-readable account statements are available, with similar structure. Also, why the MPEx-listed assets have such funny names.

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MPEx: The Missing Manual 4 - Trading

Finally we are about to place an order. MPEx brokers Market and Limit orders, and allows users to set expiries for those orders. All orders must be fully covered, and assets used for cover are subtracted from your balance. If you request to sell or buy more than there are resources, MPEx will still accept the order and will try to fullfill it using all available items of given asset (if selling) or bitcoins (if buying) on your account. So, double check your orders before submitting!

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MPEx: The Missing Manual 3 - Funding and Withdrawing

Both fundings and withdrawals are processed manually, with possible delay up to 2 days. However, Mircea Popescu is generally a friendly fellow, so you can acquaint yourself with him on #bitcoin-assets and ask him to expedite it. Funding can be a bit tricky and has already resulted in quite a lawsuit.

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MPEx: The Missing Manual 2 - How to talk to MPEx

Unlike other exchanges, MPEx's web interface on website is almost an afterthought and was originally introduced on an unrelated domain together with Mircea's blog and raunchy /dtng chan. It even used to feature nice (if a bit crude) drawings.

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MPEx: The Missing Manual 1 - History and Registration

This is the first in a series of posts bringing some light to MPEx and MPOE - the premier Bitcoin securities exchange. It is not meant as a replacement to MPEx's fine FAQ, make sure to fully read that as well.

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Monday 16 December 2013

All about X.EUR future on MPEx

X.EUR is Euro future with physical delivery. Since December 16, 2013 it is open for trade on MPEx. One X.EUR contract is equivalent to 1 euro delivered by 15th of this or next month. Delivery is optional, so long positions can be kept for unlimited time.

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