Currently the website was moved to own domain, but it still primary functions only as a vehicle to show information and to accept GPG-encrypted orders and provide replies. All of these can be had by other channels, too.

The Many Ways of Talking to MPEx

MPEx will clear trades come fiat hell or global-warming high water. From the FAQ:

In case the domain is confiscated or otherwise lost MPEx will move to a different domain, in a different jurisdiction. Should the same happen again, MPEx would move to what will at the time be a solid alternative for a free Internet, be it the TOR network, namecoin or some equivalent DNS or any comparable solution. No government will ever be able to stop the Internet, in general. We’re prepared to show this in the particular.

To this end, users of the Exchange have several different ways to transmit their (signed and encrypted) orders to the Exchange:


Two bots listen in #bitcoin-assets on the Freenode network for orders: mpexbot and assbot.

Orders can be transmitted through assbot by posting the (signed and encrypted) order to and passing the link along into the aforementioned IRC channel like so:


Which will result in a response from the Exchange:

Unrecognized signature. Please email your public key first.

Orders can be transmitted through mpexbot by sending it the Pastebin ( key to your (signed, encrypted) order:

$post FcCA6NWJ

mpexbot will respond with its own Pastebin url:


Speaking to MPEx directly over the HTTP layer is a simple (but trail-leaving) method of transmitting orders to the Exchange. First, sign and encrypt your order. Then, navigate to, paste your encrypted blob into the text box on that page and decrypt the blob you get back.

MPEX Proxies

As backup against the frequent and unavoidable DDOS among other nefarious schemes, MPEx maintains a set of proxies through which one can reach the Exchange for transmitting orders and viewing the books.

Example: looking up proxies in the #bitcoin-assets channel on

benkay: $proxies

mpexbot: benkay: ["", "", "", "", ""]