MPOE/MPEx History and Background

The Mircea Popescu Options Emporium emerged from the chrysalis of beta in February of 2012, prior to which it had been privately brokering the sale of options between interested parties for six months. It underwent IPO managed by e-mail in two rounds (February and March 2012).

MPEx in her first incarnation was announced in March of the same year. MPOE was moved to the exchange and transitioned from the “Mircea Popescu Options Emporium” to a market-maker for BTC-settled options on the BTC/USD spot price, trading on the MPEx exchange along with other securities.


Registering with MPEx requires non-trivial capitalization and technical savvy. A seat on the exchange costs 30 BTC. Exchange users must be conversant with basic GPG operations: encryption, decryption signature generation and signature verification. The process is described with enough detail in the FAQ. You can however effectively lower your registration fee by 5 BTC by registering through other MPEx user. For example, if you like this manual, you can mention my fingerprint as referral in the registration email: BBB0A99950037551F533850A677ABD62D0AEE7D7 . Both you and me will then get 5 BTC credit. To be done with shameless plugs here, you can create account for free and trade directly on MPEx via CoinBr broker.

Note! The keys you use for your MPEx account are tied to that account forever. You cannot use new keys with that account, and it is extremely unlikely that you will be able to sell those keys - nobody will ever believe that you didn’t back your keys up elsewhere and aren’t waiting in the wings to swoop in and clean the account out. If your keys expire you will lose access to your account.