September 2013: BitcoinBourse IPO launched by dotcoin and forensick, with early bird share prices of 0.1 BTC, total 30000 shares.

October 2013: BitcoinBourse launched, IPO is still running (onsite) with share prices of 0.15BTC. Shares trading is not possible, will be only after all shares sell. Still over 20k shares unsold.

November 2013: Forensick left the company and told me he has not seen any bitcoins from the IPO and moreover was left with some outstanding debt by dotcoin. He repeated this publicly later. Dotcoin, instead of devoting the time to the BitcoinBourse, launched another side project, CryptoBourse, and started and stopped selling passthrough shares of both bourses on Cryptostocks.

December 2013: Announced planned relaunch by Christmas, with finally enabled trading of shares. Relaunch was later postponed and exchange closed completely. Still over 18k shares unsold. Shareholders can't do anything and Markus explicitly wrote to me shareholders aren't to receive any information how the IPO proceeds were used.

January 2014: BitcoinBourse relaunched, with finally enabled shares trading and another dotcoin-run companies such as BitcoinCard and BitcoinNews went into IPO, more IPOs appearing recently.

Whole time, the trade (and thus, dividends) on the exchange has been meager or non-existent, bitcoins or "securities" alike. No one was interested in buying my shares, not even deeply under IPO price. The exchange does not publish past trading data in any usable form, nor did it publish any financial reports ever for any "securities" listed. Its unpopularity has many reasons, from the weird SSL certificate, the fact that ID verification is needed ( via plaintext email, because uploading to webserver is supposedly insecure ?! ), supply/demand on the order book was not seeded so it was often empty, to nonexistent or inappropriate advertising. I tried to write Markus about this, he was convinced that Adwords campaign is the most he can do. He refused to understand that people coming to some random site via adwords click will not want to do ID verification. That didn't stop him from claiming in the newsletters he has 500 or however much users.

All in all, I was thinking it would be best to just write off my investment and leave this mountain of scammy ineptitude to its own fate. However, dotcoin is very persistent and I just don't like to see yet another, even lamer, iteration of GLBSE, I even helped to enable. I had put similar information to all Bourse IPO announcements whenever I could (he recently learned to lock threads on bitcointalk outright):

The exchange does not publish past trading data in any usable form, nor did it publish any financial reports ever for any "securities" listed.

It led to some rather funny email exchanges, I am not going to tire the reader with. Only the last one which sums them all nicely and was reaction to me going to file a complaint against Bitcoin SARL with AMF (French SEC).

   Dear Jurov,
   now you talk about complaint on AMF? So i have to tell you for security
   reasons, your account will be blocked, your shares will be frozen and i
   will inform all shareholders about your doings.
   You as shareholder!!! Is it not you and Martin want jump in big? But now
   you try to fuck me! OK lets do it man, now you will see what happen with
   your company in the same way! money laundering like you do with gold &
   silver company will bring you to prison!
   So now promise you you will get a problem!
   The Davout guy is already part of a complaint before court for antitrust
   So why are you guys so jealouse? because you are all not able to do same
   things? you are all only critic the people who are more clever than you!

My company nor me does sell any precious metals and Davout is this guy, of Bitcoin-Central. Otherwise this needs no further commentary.