F.MPIF May 2014 trading statement
Date: June 2, 2014

Beginning Balances:
BTC: 50
F.MPIF: 0 shares
Total: 50 BTC

Ending Balances:
BTC: 28.68155
F.MPIF: 100`000 shares (21.724 BTC at 30d trading price)
Total: 50,40555 BTC (0.081% gain)


Date        Transaction             Fees      BTC         Balance BTC     Balance F.MPIF
May 1       B 200`000 @ 0.000215    -0        -43         7               2000000
May 1-17    S 100`000 @ 0.00021725  -0.04345  +21.725     28.68155        1000000

Summary: Whole activity consisted from buying shares directly from IPO (which practice became then disallowed - only trading outside of 1% of NAV is now allowed for marketmaker) and reselling them just below the second offering. Otherwise, neither spread nor liquidity allowed for more elaborate strategy.

Notes: I decided to use this as opportunity to dogfood next CoinBr version and publish trading data automatically in real time. Of course this is exactly such a plan that tends to slip schedules, it is still in progress.