As Gentooista, I was delighted to find the ebuild right on my fingertips:

emerge --autounmask-write www-apps/owncloud

It installed smoothly on my development machine with full preexisting LAMP stack. For production server I'm trying KVM image provided via SUSE Studio (free, but requires registration). Configuration on first access to web interface consisted with only one screen with admin user credentials and database setup. It runs on PHP, databases Sqlite, MySql/Maria and PostgreSQL are supported.

Files and documents

Upload, download and basic file operations are done via browser in usual fashion, or by manipulating files managed by owncloud desktop client.

As for the webinterface, don't expect anything like Google Docs - the editor is slow and has only few functions, even undo does not work at all. It works only for ODT files, I did not find a possibility to edit .txt plain text, what I consider strange. Looks like collaborative editing is supported, did not try it. Files are versioned, but there is no way to compare and see changes between versions.

With images, you cannot view them directly from file explorer, you have to switch to Pictures application. It provides simple gallery.

File synchronization between Windows, Linux and Android worked flawlessly so far.


To synchronize my venerable Xperia Android phone, I installed recommended CalDAV-Sync connector app and waited. It did not synchronize my existing nor newly added items from the phone, despite one way synchronization option was disabled. Only items added via ownCloud webinterface show up on phone. I exported everything into ical file and imported into ownCloud, at least this did work.


Exactly same process and outcome as the calendar, except that it refused to import contacts exported from the phone (VCF file). So I am left without contacts.


Issues with calendar/contacts seem to be known bugs, so we'll see. Would be better if they could integrate some existing and well working PIM/WebDAV stuff. Whole web interface feels very slow, I confirmed it's not due to heavy CPU or I/O usage. Currently, ownCloud is mostly suitable for synchronization of files between computers, with emergence web access/sharing, what is I'll be using it for.